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Protect Yourself - Decontaminate After Exploration

Unless you have a large home with lots of freezer space, you won't have enough storage space for a 3 month stay at home. You're going to have to venture outside occasionally - if only to get some basic exercise and / or food.

Current quarantine advice allows us to venture outside, for a brief exercise period or shopping expedition, to buy necessities during lockdown.

Before you leave your home, put out a large plastic bag, for storing soiled clothes. This is for carrying possibly contaminated clothes, to the laundromat. To minimise possibility of contaminating my day to day clothes, I'll keep my contaminated clothes separate.

When you come back inside, following a brief expedition, immediately strip - and put possibly contaminated clothes into the bag, for proper washing. Next, take a long hot shower, using lots of cleanser, disinfectant, soap, and / or shampoo. And of course, wash your hands, thoroughly - as a final step.

I'm a child of the 1960's, and the…