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Help Flatten The Curve - Stay At Home

One of the most feared effects of CoronaVirus is not how nasty it is, how long symptoms take to develop, or how easy it is to catch from an infected person. The scary thing about Corona Virus is how likely it is to overwhelm our medical infrastructure.

Hospitals in Italy have been overwhelmed for weeks. Hospitals in the UK - and in the USA - are not immune to this problem. There are not enough resources - beds, equipment, and personnel - to care for all possible victims of a pandemic, such as Corona Virus, at expected volumes.

Click on the time graph below, that's based on current limited medical resources (the horizontal dashed black line - "Health care system capacity"). Compare the alternative spreads of the the disease - the tan curve ("Without Protective Measures"), and the blue curve ("With Protective Measures").

See how the blue curve stays below the black line? This represents the disease spreading slowly, and with medical resources available to handle everybody infected. This is best case - and what we need. If you go to a hospital and are diagnosed as infected, you will want to be admitted, immediately - not sent home, to die.

If Corona Virus infects the population Without Protective Measures, too many people will become sick too soon. The disease spread MUST be delayed, With Protective Measures.

The health system in the USA cannot handle the volume of sick people, Without Protective Measures. In Italy, this has been a problem for several weeks.

Lacking a cure for CoronaVirus and with not enough available hospital beds, many old and poor Italian citizens, diagnosed as infected, are being sent home to care for themselves, in quarantine. This is the tan curve, above the black dashed line. Many will simply die. There are not enough beds, doctors, nurses, and / or ventilators to care for everybody, as hospital inpatients.

The best way to improve the chances of the world population is to slow the spread of the disease. Give the medical infrastructure time to improve - and give scientists time to develop a cure. The virus has been identified - and numerous medical organisations are working night and day, to develop a cure.

Until the medical infrastructure has developed, the best way to survive is to stay at home, as much as possible. And be reasonable, when preparing for a home stay - let other residents have a chance to buy supplies, too.

And wash wash wash your hands, anytime you touch anything that might be contaminated - or you need to eat or drink - or before you touch anything that needs to stay sterile (maybe unload the dishwasher).

Corona Virus is part of our daily lives - whether we are currently suffering from it, or desperately trying to escape its effects. If we are to remain healthy, we have to make drastic lifestyle changes - starting with self quarantine.


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