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Protect Yourself - Quarantine Your Purchases

I'm reading suggestions that the Corona Virus mess will be with us for 2 to 3 months. If you're able to self quarantine for the entire period, that would be great.

My suspicion is that very few people will be able to stay in quarantine for 3 months, without venturing outside - or having food delivered - weekly. Personally, I decided that I will have pizza delivered, a couple time / month. OK, maybe I'm watching TV too much (but what else is there to do?).

My thought is, you are going to have stuff in your home that came from outside - and you will have no idea how clean it is - occasionally. The pizza (or any other cooked food) has to be properly delivered, "contact free" - so hopefully there's no exposure, there.

Any other food that you have delivered, or that you pick up when you warily venture outside like a groundhog watching for his shadow, you will look at with dread. Did the cashier cough, when you were in line - then touch the 6 pack? And who knows what other customers might have sneezed, when looking at the onions, that you just brought home? How about the tub of butter, that was just delivered?

How long might Corona Virus live, on the 6 pack that I hauled from the corner store? OMG.

Can you disinfect onions? How? I love onions - but I won't have onions, with a side odour of bleach.

So what I do is quarantine everything that I buy.

I'll buy everything as far in advance as possible, from when it's actually required. I have half a dozen standard cardboard boxes, that I have had in my closet for months - so I'm pretty sure that they are safe to use. Each time I receive food or other merchandise, I'll take what I get and immediately drop it into an empty box. And maybe write today's date on a piece of paper, that I put into the box with the merchandise.

With perishable stuff like butter, I'll drop the carton into an old plastic bag - again, saved from months ago, seal the bag carefully, and stash it in the refrigerator.

My merchandise safely into the refrigerator or a cardboard box, I next wash my hands.

A few days or a week later - depending upon whether the merchandise is packaged in cardboard, glass, plastic, whatever - my food or merchandise should be safe to handle.

Obviously, this will take planning - buying everything a week or so, in advance. But how many weeks might you spend in the hospital, using a ventilator? Or doing without butter or onions (I can't do without either, myself).

Everything that you buy, until this Corona Virus mess ends, will have been looked at and maybe sneezed on, by a cashier, another customer, delivery person, whatever.

You can't clean and disinfect everything that you buy. But you can stash it somewhere, until it's hopefully safe to handle. Then wash your hands!

Just buy everything in advance, and don't touch it. Do without, for a week or so.


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